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uefa.com Calendars

With UEFA Calendars, you can now keep informed about upcoming UEFA events from the comfort of your very own calendar application. You can store all the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League fixtures as well as UEFA organisation events such as fixture draws.

Simply click on the tournament or team names to download the calendar file to your computer or, if your system allows for it, subscribe to the remote calendar file which will automatically update on your system when we change the files.

How to download calendars?

If you choose to download the kick off times, this will be a single one-off download which will then load the fixtures into your calendar.

This is the best option if you use Microsoft Outlook or a mobile phone.

Note: to update your calendar with a fresh download, search for all events containing the text "uefa.com/" and delete all matching events before importing the new calendar file.

How to subscribe to calendars?

If you choose to subscribe to the calendar, the fixtures will download to your organiser but will also be automatically updated with any future changes, e.g. when scores are updated or teams qualify for later stages.

This is the best option if you use an Apple device or any Mozilla calendar applications like Sunbird.

How to load fixtures into Outlook?

If you try to just open the calendar file with Microsoft Outlook, it is quite likely you shall only see the first event.

To get around this, use the Import Calendar feature under File > Import, choose the Calendar option and locate your downloaded calendar file (ending in .ics).

UEFA calendars

For upcoming UEFA events, such as UEFA Executive Committee meetings, the UEFA Congress, disciplinary meetings or other UEFA committee dates, please visit our dedicated UEFA.org calendar.

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